We here at love it when we hear from OVERsatisfied clients! Recently Myron from Pennsylvania become a joint venture partner because he wanted to achieve success faster than what he felt he could do on his own. The first thing that happens after you become a Joint Venture partner is that we get your marketing all set up for you to get qualified leads calling you right away…

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scott vogtScott V. from Chicago area buys 11 houses in 1 deal and profits $500,000.00! Some people wait years to accumulate a rental portfolio of 11 houses, with our help ~ Scott did it in 1 deal! Through the help of our joint venture program Scott found a seller who had 11 houses for sale. Through perseverance and great deal structuring help from Richard, Scott was able to come up with an offer…

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julian mcclainJulian M. from Denver area . . . “If I would have never followed up with him [the seller] after he told me no, I never would have gotten this deal.” This deal which put $43,237.00 and some change in Julian’s pocket at closing plus secured him a net cash flow of $200 a month was the result of…

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Rod O. from Kentucky was able to tie a big, red bow around his retirement by buying 21 houses through his IRA! All 21 houses were bought from one retiring landlord using the Free & Clear Ultimate Strategy business model and they generate a minimum of $10,000 a month cash flow! Rod negotiated great terms, including 0% financing for 7 years with only $20,000 down, which he was able to get from the cash flow in the property…

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Steve G. from California – Just 2 months into partnering with us and Steve offers a seller $342,900 on a property worth $300,000 and the seller was thrilled! After closing Steve will put $27,500 cash in his pocket PLUS because he’s a JV Partner with us we’ll reimburse him for all his coaching expenses spent so far! The property needs very little work and the financing terms are sweet . . . 2.21% financing for 10 years. That’s almost free money …

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John K. of New York bought a house worth $145,000 for a price of $135,000 with 0% seller financing for 9 years. He met the seller, who lives in California, on an airplane and they struck up a conversation. John’s collecting $20,000 at closing and will have a nice cash cow on his hands. For this deal his total profit over the 9 years will be over $101,000…

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UPDATE: John just recently got another deal accepted – a 4 unit worth $950,000. The seller has agreed to 0% interest for 5 years! Keep em’ coming John!

As a result of being on my schedule so much lately, Will S. of Arkansas has had 3 offers accepted in the last week and we’re currently working on a 4th! One of the properties is worth $81,000 and is currently tenant occupied with …

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Laurien E. of Chicago, IL area just put $7,700.00 net quick cash in his pocket after just 9 weeks! Laurien mailed the magic bullet postcard to absentee owners and got a nice 3 bedroom, 1 bath home in the Elmhurst area of Chicago under contract for a cash price offer. The property needed about $17,000 of repairs and updates so Laurien decided to find a buyer to take over his contract for some quick cash.

Hear exactly what he did, how he did it and what worked to help him find a buyer!

Hear how Adam from Tennessee bought a free and clear property needing $7,500 in work with no money down, collected $32,500 in cash upfront, got a $33,000 real estate note paying 8% interest and raised another $101,000 in cash on a 0% interest private loan payable over 15 years…

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“Hi Richard, Thanks for your coaching input on Tuesday. We closed today and received the attached for $237K. We paid off the $40,000 first and we will pay off $120,000 in high interest debt on another property. We will do a light rehab on that one for $30K and it will be worth about $225,000. That is where we moved the deed of trust and we had no problem moving it. If you do the math, there is about $47,000 left over for us to keep. This worked just like you said it would. Thank you for your instruction and support”…

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Greg did 4 Ultimate Strategy deals in 40 days! Discover how Greg (North Carolina) captured $238,000 in profits and $60,000 in cash buying 3 deals in this inspiring and instructive interview between Richard Roop and Greg. Greg shares the specifics of each of his deals, the challenges he had along the way and the negotiating techniques he used to secure his future profits and CASH!

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$280,000 cash in 90 days? Check out Richard P who writes…By April 23rd, I will have created $280,000.00 of real, usable cash by incorporating The Ultimate Strategy, far beyond my goal written at the seminar. Here is something to share with your students, WRITE YOUR GOALS. Read them first thing every morning and before you go to sleep. Your goals will permeate into actions automatically, your tools will then be in The Ultimate Strategy…

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Hear how Mike from North Carolina created a positive $250 a month cash flow buying a $70,000 house for $41,000 financed by the seller at 0% payable at $350 a month until the house is completely free and clear in just 7 years.

HARLEY & Vi in Colorado closed two deals from one seller… each for 15 years of seller financing. Target profit is $86,500 on one and $89,500 on the other… while pulling over $30,000 out in cash at closing. Plus the have a 3rd deal accepted on a duplex to close later this month with a $96,000 profit. Plus they recently flipped a 4th contract for cash. Hear the success report here:

ROY from Illinois just got a 15 year seller financing deal accepted last week on a $70,000 house with a $79,000 target profit of cash now ($12,000), cash flow and cash later. 

We are also now doing due diligence on new package of 7 properties with 104 occupied units worth $3.5 mil with $32,000 a month gross income where the seller agreed to take $1.8 mil… and PREFERS to due owner financing with $800,000 down… carrying the remaining $1 mil at 2.63%… PLUS he will continue to manage the properties for us for just 5% of rental income. Scott just saw all the properties last week, so we are finalizing our numbers, but looks like (no matter how you slice it) 7-figures in profit!

MICHAEL in Missouri just closed with 15 years of seller financing at 2.49%. and a $58,100 profit target, collecting over $30,000 in cash at closing. And… Michael also has 6 deals with one seller closing 2 per month over next 3 months…

First deal next month he’s collecting $13,700 extra cash at closing with a target profit of $48,000, and seller carry with $6,000 down and $260 a month. Second one gets him $12,500 extra cash at closing with target profit of $54,100, seller getting $2,000 down and $230 a month. Both seller carry back notes are at 2.63%. 

Third deal is $10,000 extra cash at closing, $59,000 total profit, seller getting $7,000 down and $240 a month. Fourth is $22,500 extra cash at closing and total profit $90,600 with seller getting $26,000 down and $560 a month. These two notes are at 1.09%

WILLIAM from Georgia just closed 5 “cash cow” deals with one seller who took small down payments and 0% financing, each property nicely cash flowing, and over the note term will become free and clear! He also just closed on this “subject to” deal and reported a few weeks ago:

“Hey Marc, U STAR! I just got this new deal accepted last nite following EXACTLY the words u suggested below on another subject-to deal we discussed last mo. As u can see from the signed contract attached, I am buying it subject to a balance of $60k approx (seller making next 2 payments) & paying him $5k to take over the loan, so total $65k. The fixed loan only has 9 yrs left P&I only $500k, mostly principal payments as loan at end of amortization & will rent for $950 as in good area, schools, etc. So in 9 yrs I will own it free & clear – 6th deal now with seller finance :) Marc thanks alot for your contributions… Richard – This house is right around the corner from Dick’s house & quieter street!!!

Talk later, Kind Rgds – William” (Marc is his personal coach)

RICHARD from Colorado (yes, that’s me) just got the title work on two houses side-by-side under contract with one seller. I offered much higher prices with terms but seller wants all cash. One is worth $125,000 and needs $4,000 work and seller accepted $65,400 cash with my target profit at $63,500. The other is worth $115,000 after $22,000 in work and seller accepted $51,050 cash with my target profit at $61,800. I will raise all the funds needed to buy, fix and occupy plus an extra $20,000 cash to me and a combined profit target over 5 years of over $125,000.

DONNA & Marvin in Georgia closed a deal a couple weeks ago with no money down with seller financing for 15 years with a true positive cash flow of $360 a month… already occupied… no repairs… with a $115,000 target profit.

BILL from New Mexico closed a deal on home in great shape which appraised for $161,900. We are raising short term funding to buy for $120,000 and he has an agent Bill who plans to resell within 6 months for a $25,000 quick cash profit.

JOHN got a deal accepted on a home in Texas last fall which we are now getting the appraisal and funding completed after waiting for a title issue to be cleared. Sellers accepted $128,800 with $20,000 and $600 a month for 9 years of owner financing at 0% interest. The $108,800 note will pay down to $64,800 when it matures. We expect the appraisal to come in around $150,000. Target profit is over $93,000!

SCOTT in Indiana just got a $115,000 home under contract, 20 years owner financing at $300 monthly and is getting $11,500 cash at closing, $3,000+ more cash in 60 days, plus $62,000 in real cash flow, $56,000 on the back-end… for a total profit of $132,500!

Scott also just got an all cash offer for 11 houses with one seller accepted last week. Total value is about $620,000, all tenant occupied and in good shape. Our final accepted contract price accepted is $331,000 all cash. Average positive cash flow on each is $135 a month, and average project profit on each is $55,300. That $1,485 a month in true net-net positive cash flow after all expenses and money set aside to build up an escrow for future expenses. And that’s a total projected net profit in cash now, cash flow and cash later of $608,000!

“Twelve in one week. Rarefied air! Thank you for the means and the confidence.” — Scott

Hear us help him just prior to getting the signed contract:

PABLO and Michael from California Seller accepted $3,000 down and $750 a month for 15 years at 2.49% on a 4-plex worth $180,000 and that rents for $2,380 a month. There’s a true $810 a month positive cash flow and a target profit of $264,000!

We also have another deal where sellers wants to take our offer for $3,000 down and $1,030 a month on a home worth $195,000 and will rent for $1,600 a month.  Pablo and Michael will pull out $20,000 in extra cash at closing with a total profit of $104,000. Seller now just needs to find a one-level home to move to and we may close now and let them move a little later.

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