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Secrets of Real Estate Investing Success – Video


Richard Roop’s
Secrets of Real Estate Investing Success
FAQ Webinar Replay

During this webinar I’ll be answering the most commonly asked questions I get about finding deals, raising private money, making offers, selling quickly, and… how to overcome the most common fears or misconceptions that can hold you back from making more money right now to active real estate entrepreneurs. Replay and downloads… Continue reading Secrets of Real Estate Investing Success – Video

Amazing “done-for-you” real estate profits

webinar_monitorFree webinar with Richard Roop

Join us to discover how to make huge profits having these key money-making activities “done for you” to find and close great deals in your backyard that generate substantial cash now, cash flow and cash later…

  • Locating awesome deals with profits of $63,000 or more each
  • Handling incoming calls and gathering info from new prospects
  • Researching current market values and rents
  • Constructing “profit guaranteed’ offers
  • Presenting multiple offers to sellers
  • Overcoming questions, concerns and objections
  • Filling out the paperwork
  • Non-bank funding to cover over 100% of all buy, fix and hold costs
  • Website creation and setup to attract buyers, sellers and investors

All “done for you” or “done with you”… Register now!

$132,500 profit on a $115,000 house?

Houses bought for cashIt has been very busy here. My Joint Venture partners currently have offers accepted on a couple dozen properties that we’re lining up to close this week and by the end of March…  plus a new package of properties worth $4.4 million with $33,000 a month income where the seller who we spoke to on Friday is asking $1.8 million… and PREFERS to owner financing… at 2.63%! Continue reading $132,500 profit on a $115,000 house?

The Ultimate Strategy for Buying & Selling Houses

by Richard Roop

To solve the biggest risks and challenges investors have been facing since the subprime market meltdown in the fall of 2007, I started developing, systemizing and sharing The Ultimate Strategy for buying and selling houses at the end of that year.

Prior to that I had taught this strategy as ONE way to make money. After the market panic and collapse in 2008 it has become THE way to make money…

Continue reading The Ultimate Strategy for Buying & Selling Houses

Creating Cash Flow and Wealth