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Results after attending The Experiment live seminar … Read the rest of this entry

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Some of the “Roop” reviews from JV partners posted at GenBook.comRead the rest of this entry

Just got a text message a few minutes ago from my JV partner Tony in California: “I’m leaving Starbucks now from a seller presentation… got a signed contract… woo hoo!” Read the rest of this entry

Here’s a another deal we’re closing this month with my Joint Venture partner. Congratulations to JV partner Victor who got a deal accepted with $412k profit… Read the rest of this entry

Congratulations to Wei T. who got her first JV deal accepted, as was reported on the Dec. 1st Peer Group coaching call… Read the rest of this entry

Ultimate Training Webinar for October 2011 – Replay

For over 10 years I’ve been asked by many to design a real estate investor website using my marketing expertise. Well, that day has come! I guarantee you’ll be FLOORED with what I just created. It’s a very powerful “hub” site template for buyers, sellers and private lenders. So, in this training session we cover … Read the rest of this entry

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I can find them, make the offers and fund them but need “feet on the street” on deals outside my area. If I landed you $252,000 in profits would you give me $40,000 of it? Get full details at

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