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Joint Venture with Roop on Deals

Clearly the most compelling, well-designed and successful program ever offered by Richard Roop…

  • Introduction and recap of the Joint Venture Program goals and benefits
  • How the JV Program Works – webinar series replays
  • Recent partner success reports ($75,000, $412,000, $60,000 and $90,000 in profits)
  • Program Support Features explained and how JV appointments with Richard work
  • 9 different training webinar video replays
  • Recent coaching call audio replays and downloads
  • Options for getting started or learning more
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Best Real Estate Investor Website Ever Created!

Ultimate Training Webinar for October 2011 – Replay

For over 10 years I’ve been asked by many to design a real estate investor website using my marketing expertise. Well, that day has come! I guarantee you’ll be FLOORED with what I just created. It’s a very powerful “hub” site template for buyers, sellers and private lenders. So, in this training session we cover … Continue reading Best Real Estate Investor Website Ever Created!

Creating Cash Flow and Wealth