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Marketing for Great Leads at Little or No Cost

Ultimate Training Webinar – March 2013 Replay
How to Attract Buyers, Sellers & Private Investors
with Richard Roop

I recommend you treat your real estate investing like a full or part time entrepreneurial business. And of course the KEY to any business is to systematically market for new prospects. Therefore (to start generating more cash now, cash flow and cash later as a real estate entrepreneur) you want to continually attract a steady flow of motivated sellers, qualified buyers and potential private investors — while applying the most cost effective methods available.

How do you do that? Continue reading Marketing for Great Leads at Little or No Cost

How to Live Your Preferred Lifestyle

Ultimate Training Webinar – November 2012

The Secrets to Creating Your Ideal Future
with Richard Roop

  • What is most important to you?
  • What would your perfect day or week look like?
  • How do you spend your time how you want?
  • How do you create and achieve a goal for financial freedom?
  • What would you do each month if money was no object?

Getting clear on your “big picture” will help create the direction, drive and motivation to do what it takes to be, have or do whatever it is you desire most… Continue reading How to Live Your Preferred Lifestyle