Achieve Success As A Real Estate Investor Using the Results Formula

CoachesCorner Success means different things to different people. You can achieve success if set out to have a career as a teacher and you land a job in a school. Success can mean a stay at home mom or dad being able to stay home and take care of their children. Success can mean the man that wants to open his own automotive repair shop. So success means different things to different people.

So what happens when you create a goal and then fail to achieve it? .Maybe it seems like you keep running into a wall no matter what you try. What is stopping you from achieving your goals? The answer is, it could be a number of things. As a coach I would look first at the results you are getting. Then I would reverse the results formula and pick it apart. What is the results formula?

T+B+A=R. Your Thoughts become your Beliefs. Your Beliefs drives your Actions. Your Actions equals your Results. We all have recurring thoughts and have thoughts about everything in our lives. What we constantly think about when we are put into situations will eventually become our embedded belief in our subconscious.

As a new real estate investor, let’s say we are driving to a sellers house and you are thinking that no one is going to wait 15 years for their money. You have this thought every time you go out on an appointment. This recurring thought will embed itself into your subconscious and it will become a belief that no one will take these kind of offers. Now that belief will drive the actions you take. The action you take is that you will do a bad job presenting offers and if you don’t believe they will take this offer then you are right. It comes across to the seller that way and they turn you down.

So if you are not getting the results you want as a real estate investor, or in anything in your life, then reverse the results formula. What actions are you taking that are getting you that result? If it is not the right actions then what beliefs are driving those actions? If you find you have a belief that is not aligning with your goals then what thoughts are you having that are creating those beliefs.

Become aware of the conscious thoughts you have about anything where you are not getting the results that you want. Once you become aware of those thoughts then you can choose to keep that thought or get rid of it and change it into the thought that will create the belief that you want. This is how you change your results into the results that will lead to achieving your goals.

I challenge you this month to analyze the results you’re getting and see if you don’t have some beliefs that can be changed to help you better achieve the actions and outcome you want.


Keith Young is a successful performance and accountability coach. He was trained and certified in performance and accountability coach and performance workshops in 2008. Coaching is his passion as he loves to show people how to empower themselves to change their lives. He has coached over 350 people and had consulting sessions with another over 800 people.

Keith was born and raised about 30 miles south of Chicago Illinois. He moved to Phoenix Arizona in 2001 where he now resides. He also is a successful real estate investor since 2003 and has been involved in over 200 transactions.

Keith’s workshops includes overcoming procrastination, eliminating excuses, the inner game of money and how to get more deals accepted. He is co-creator of the Leads to Deeds program and teaches people how to become financially free with his Master Your Finances program as well as many more.

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