The 7 Top Ways to Raise Cash Fast

utw_200Ultimate Training Webinar Replay – September 2014

with Richard Roop and Keith Young

Held live on:
Sept 16, 2014

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This month’s Ultimate Training Webinar reveals “The 7 Top Ways to Raise Cash Fast” presented by Richard Roop and Keith Young.

Every now and then we all need to raise some fast cash, for one reason or another. It does not matter whether you’re employed full-time, part-time, self-employed, unemployed or retired. There are times when you could really use an influx of cash, above and beyond your normal income.

There are many ways to consistently increase your income, but now and then you really only need a cash boost to take advantage of a new opportunity… or to buy something you really want or need… or to take care of an unexpected need.

Ideally you would know and be able to tap into several ways (a list) of raising fast cash whenever you need. That is the purpose of this program. To identify multiple ways to raise fast cash within days or weeks.

In this program we’ll start with the top 7 ways to raise fast cash and then… expand on those to give you dozens of ideas for making unexpected, unplanned cash deposits into your bank account, which you can then spend or invest on whatever is important to you.


  • Sell stuff you own
  • Rent stuff you have
  • Earn cash in your spare-time
  • Claim hidden cash
  • Save on stuff you already buy
  • Collect money owed you
  • Raise capital to invest

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