How to Get a List of Vacant Houses

free-video-120When it comes to uncovering the absolute best lists of motivated sellers, I’m rarely impressed with anything new. Until now!

house-cash-vacantI have always said that a list of “vacant property owners” is a great list. But how to you get one? Well, you’d usually have to create it by investing a lot of time, money and effort. And the list would usually be very small and limited even if you were to do the work needed. But not anymore!

A good friend of mine (who wholesaled over 400 properties last year) recently shared with me his new cutting edge technology that generates a highly accurate list of VACANT property owners… nationwide… and in the counties, cities or zip codes you select.

That’s right. I have never seen anything like it… in fact it’s something I always wish existed. But never did. And now it does!

Not only can you search, map out and download a list of vacant houses in your area (with the owner’s name and address), but you can also narrow it down further with free and clear properties… or absentee owners… or both! I have already tested it myself and it is amazingly accurate.

Imagine how many super profitable deals you can uncover mailing to absentee owners of free and clear vacant properties? They do not have to be free and clear. They do not have to be absentee owners. Because the fact is ALL vacant properties are perfect to target when looking for motivated sellers. You already know this!

This is just too great not to share right away… so I arranged to have my buddy Kent (whom I’ve known for many years) demonstrate how to tap into this goldmine of a list. It’s super easy. In just a few clicks you can sift and sort and download one of the best lists you could possible go after… in just minutes… right from your desk.

When you find these great deals you can flip for quick cash or make even more buying and holding using my free and clear investing model. You certainly do not want to miss this, regardless of the type of real estate deals you are looking for.

Discover how to:

  • Easily generate 100’s (or 1,000’s) of the best seller leads in your area
  • Have these leads at your fingertips with just a few mouse clicks
  • Land more wholesale, rehab, option and “Ultimate Strategy” deals
  • Uncover these hidden deals BEFORE your competition does
  • Get a new motivated seller list within minutes whenever you need




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