Q&A call – September 2013 replay

Your monthly “open mic” Q&A call live

Held on Tuesday, Sep 24, 2013
Special Guest Speaker: Daniel DeMeritt with Marketwise Appraisals, LLC

This month we have a special guest expert to answer any questions you have about residential property appraisals, such as…

* What appraisers look at (and for in order) to determine value
* What requirements or laws that have to followed when doing appraisals
* What improvements can be made to increase value
* What kind of value increase would you see for those improvements
* How comps are handled with foreclosures in area… are they included? Not included?
* Plus open Q & A on anything else.

Daniel DeMeritt is a certified residential real estate appraiser performing residential appraisals for lenders, real estate agents, lawyers, accountants and private parties. With over 12 years experience as an appraiser and concurrently holding an active sales license Daniel has the experience and knowledge to navigate the toughest of appraisal assignments.

Call Replay:

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