How to Make $72,000 Buying a House for Top Dollar – Webinar Replay

Unlocking the secrets behind the free and clear real estate investing model…

with Richard Roop

Held August 14, 2012

Instead of trying to convince sellers to take less than market value, how many houses could you buy if you offered above market value? And how can you make a great profit if you pay top dollar? The answer lies in your investing strategy. On this webinar I will show you exactly:

1. How you FIND it
2. How you FUND it
3. How you FLIP it — or make your profit

I’ve seen this strategy change lives and help people improve their financial situations for the better. Now, I want YOU to learn it and have the same opportunities that some of my members and clients have had.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the business or a seasoned investor looking to buy more houses. This business model works in any economy, in any price range, and in any market conditions. I know because I use it day in and day out in my OWN business.
Learn how you can begin profiting from this proven strategy!

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