Ultimate Profit Generator software offer

UPG Program Description:

This is my incredible new investing tool that structures “profit guaranteed” offers on both on debt-free or encumbered “subject to” properties. It helps you to…

  • Generate multiple “profit guaranteed” offers for sellers — all done for you
  • Present your offers to sellers — and get more of them accepted
  • Fund all your deals with none of your own cash or credit
  • Structure and secure long-term interest-free private financing
  • Eliminate negative cash flow — creating positive cash flow on any property
  • Locks-in profits of $30,000 to $100,000 on every deal
  • Build rapid equity — even in flat or declining markets… and
  • Generate cost-free cash profits in advance — collected the day you buy

The Ultimate Profit Generator includes:

  1. Instant Download!
  2. Instant online training videos
  3. FREE updates for 6 month


Or Call 1-800-557-3171 Ext. 1 to order by phone and ask about special offers

Start using this incredible, money-making tool today!

“Richard, You are an amazing, amazing man! This new offer generator is incredible. I am stunned at all the information this generator produces for me, my seller, and my private money sources. I have really been stuck with all these subject to deals I am getting, but no more! I am really excited to start putting this tool into action.” – Kristen Alden

“This is the most powerful tool I have ever come across. It is so simple to use. Thank you…. Can’t wait to learn more. See you in Dallas.” – Gloria Doiron

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